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Demonstrates how to read intake air temperature and engine coolant temperature sensors with the autotap OBDII Scan tool

I got a P141 code many times, and I cleared it with my OBDII scanner, and finally replaced the O2 senor (downstream) according to my code bank 1 sensor 2. and reset the codes and drove it, and they came back on. what harnesses etc can i check related to the O2 sensor circuit. i don't want to replace the cat if i don't have to. 2004 cavalier. 70K

shows how to read and diagnosse throttle position sensor readings in your car using the autotap OBDII scanner tool

shows specifically how to use the autotap to view the O2 sensor outputs

I just got a OBDII code reader and I found that my van is idling at 750 and not at 850.
I can also read the TP% (I believe it is at 17.4%).
I was looking to see if it is still at the correct setting. If not then I know something else is causing it to idle low.
Do you know what the correct setting is? or where I can find that info?

  • Backwards-compatible with previous AutoXray software; current AX7000 software can be quickly updated via the Internet
  • Easy and affordable optional software upgrades via the built-in SD memory card slot extends the life of your scanner for years to come
  • Contains GM, Ford and Chrysler enhanced OBD-I codes and datastream, and enhanced OBDII codes for Toyota, Nissan and Honda enhanced OBD-II code command
  • An overmolded, gripable scanner body and hard shell carrying case provide exceptional durability
  • A backlit LCD screen that is 50% larger than previous models, color coded cables and a tri-lingual instruction manual make it easy to use

Product Description
AutoXray Tech Scan Diagnostic Scan Tools are designed to read, record and playback the live sensor data displaying the trouble code information and their definitions. They are fabricated from a high quality material that features the trilingual menu of English, Spanish and French offering the SD card slot and allows memory expansion. These tools are equipped with True Bi-Directional capabilities, graphing data, acronym and code library lookup, retaining the most rec... More >>

AutoXray AX7000 Tech Scan Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Sensor Data Capability and SD Card Slot for Upgrades

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