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Tag: Code Actual screen shots of the OTC Genisys Scan tool in use, has many OBD 2 II automotive scanners and auto code readers like OTC3454, OTC3669, OTC3407, OTC3409, OTC3499 & more with free shipping $99 & up. Find auto tools, automotive diagnostic scanners, scan tools and auto code readers at

Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability for OBDII  Vehicles

Is your car's check engine light on? If it is, your car is trying to tell you something and the Actron CP9145 Super AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner speaks its language. Use this scanner to unlock the information stored in your car's computer. Whenever your check engine light is on, the device can pinpoint the problem so you can fix it fast and be on your way. The Actron CP9145 easily scans and retrieves DTCs. View details. The user interface is designed for eas (more...)

Im talking about those code readers which give you all your cars problems ...i dont know which stage is the highest but the best i could find was OBDII is there one thats better then that well can anyone educate me more about this thanks..

I got a P141 code many times, and I cleared it with my OBDII scanner, and finally replaced the O2 senor (downstream) according to my code bank 1 sensor 2. and reset the codes and drove it, and they came back on. what harnesses etc can i check related to the O2 sensor circuit. i don't want to replace the cat if i don't have to. 2004 cavalier. 70K

Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability and O2 Monitor Test for OBDII  Vehicles

The Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic Code Scanner encompasses many professional features in an inexpensive scan tool. If you are new to diagnostic scanners, this handy tool connects to your vehicle, scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, and retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicle's computer. But even if you're a veteran to scanners and auto repair, you'll be impressed with the new functio (more...)

I dont want to spend too much.Its a 97 explorer.I assume that means it needs a OBDII type.I have NAPA,ADVANCE<and CARQUEST close by.Probably others.Walmart? Thanks

Actron CP9410 PocketScan Plus Diagnostic Code Reader for OBDII  Vehicles

When your Check Engine light turns on, find out immediately if you should stop or keep driving with the Actron PocketScan Plus OBD-II Code Reader with Urgency Indicator. There are many reasons that can cause this indicator to appear -- from minor to critical -- but the PocketScan Plus is here to provide you with the code information you need as well as an immediate recommendation on the urgency of the Check Engine Light problem. PocketScan Plus gives you the informat (more...)

On my 98 blazer 4x4 my OBDII code reader says P1153- I was told it meant "HO2S Cross Counts Bank 2 Sensor 1 Too Few" So would that be the right or left bank? Also am I just looking at just replacing an 02 sensor on an exhaust manifold or could it be something worse? Thanks for the help....

1997 Toyota Camry, 4Cyl, ATM, 120K+ miles
My Camry's CEL came on last week. I got a hold of a scanner and found OBDII code P0401: Exhaust Gas Recirculation - Insufficient Flow. Could this mean the valve is bad? How can I check for this? Thanks.

Code 1167 does not show up in my OBDII book, but the reader shows the car's computer has retained this code

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I Have a 2002 Firebird and I have an OBDII scanner and it reads PO303 witch means misfire on 3rd cylinder? I’ve switched the coils to see if it jumps to a diff one but nothing. I’ve changed all the Ox sensors and put new spark plugs and the new wires and I reset the code and later like in 3 week it came on again with the same one week later it came off...but I checked it out with my OBDII and the code is still there.... help please what’s wrong what should I do? Any Tips?

I just scanned my mom's computer with the OBDII scanner. I got the following code:
P0700: Transmission Control System Malfunction =(
From reading other questions that have been posted, it seems that this is a pretty generic code and basically means nothing. It looks like I need a different scanner to scan the transmission control module and that these are only available at the dealerships. The car is at 98K miles and have been maintained fairly well (with oil changes and whatnots). There is no history of any problems.
I'm a DIY girl because I've always been stuck with POS cars myself. I would really like advice so that I can give as little money as possible to the dealers (which my mom has a tendency to do with her oil changes). Any helpful advice to assist me before I get ripped off by the dealers would be great.

  • Sold Individually

Product Description
Item #: ESI910. Features and BenefitsLive Data Stream and Sensor Data from vehicle's PCMDisplays Freeze Frame Data information and Code definitions on screenRetrieves trouble codes and pending codes, both generic and manufacturer specificRecords 15 scanning events for playback or review laterRetrieves vehicle information: VIN, CID and CVN numbersScan Buddy 910 is a full featured, Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) Scan Tool compatible with ALL 1996 and ne... More >>

Scan Buddy - CAN OBDII Scanner with Live Data Stream Category: Code Readers

  • Backwards-compatible with previous AutoXray software; current AX7000 software can be quickly updated via the Internet
  • Easy and affordable optional software upgrades via the built-in SD memory card slot extends the life of your scanner for years to come
  • Contains GM, Ford and Chrysler enhanced OBD-I codes and datastream, and enhanced OBDII codes for Toyota, Nissan and Honda enhanced OBD-II code command
  • An overmolded, gripable scanner body and hard shell carrying case provide exceptional durability
  • A backlit LCD screen that is 50% larger than previous models, color coded cables and a tri-lingual instruction manual make it easy to use

Product Description
AutoXray Tech Scan Diagnostic Scan Tools are designed to read, record and playback the live sensor data displaying the trouble code information and their definitions. They are fabricated from a high quality material that features the trilingual menu of English, Spanish and French offering the SD card slot and allows memory expansion. These tools are equipped with True Bi-Directional capabilities, graphing data, acronym and code library lookup, retaining the most rec... More >>

AutoXray AX7000 Tech Scan Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Sensor Data Capability and SD Card Slot for Upgrades

Evaporative emission control system leak.

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